Walmart Synchrony Bank Payment

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Walmart Synchrony Bank Payment


Walmart Synchrony Bank PaymentSynchrony Bank and Walmart have partnered to make life a little less stressful for Walmart customers. With Walmart synchrony bank payment, customers can buy items at Walmart on credit and pay scheduled amounts on a monthly basis. This post explains how you can be a part of this online payment plan and save yourself lots of money in the process

Walmart synchrony bank payment – Apply, Register, Activate and Login

The process of making a Walmart synchrony bank payment using your Walmart credit card is a simple one. It begins with you applying for a Walmart credit card at any of the Walmart retail stores around, at a branch of Synchrony bank or online. Getting an approval would not take long and once your credit card has been sent to you, you can then register and activate it online. You create an online Walmart synchrony credit card account by providing your personal info, SSN, tax ID, bank details (bank account and routing number) and credit card information. Activating your credit card online account means that you have created a User ID and security Password used to login to the account.

Walmart synchrony bank payment – Login and Manage Bill Payments

To effect your Walmart synchrony bank payment online, you will have to log in to your created account. This is done by providing your security Password and User ID. You can then manage your credit card bill payments in a number of ways. One way is to automate your monthly payment. This is done by using the “Autopay” option provided. Your registered savings or checking account will be debited automatically each calendar month in settlement of the debt on your Walmart synchrony bank credit card.

Walmart synchrony bank payment – Conclusion

With your Walmart synchrony bank credit card, customers can buy items from Walmart up to your credit limit. Walmart synchrony bank payment makes it easy for customers to then pay for their purchased items at a payment rate and time that is both cell and reasonable.

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