Verizon.Com/Payonline To Make A Single Payment

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Verizon.Com/Payonline To Make A Single Payment to make a single payment

If you are a customer of Verizon and you hold a proprietary credit card. You can pay all your CC bills online. The to make a single payment portal is where to go if you want to view your credit card status and settle your outstanding CC bills. to make a single payment – Register for an online account

To register for a Verizon credit card online account, you will need to apply for a Verizon credit card. Apply directly to Verizon and once you have received the credit card, activate it for online use. You will provide your card number, security code, full name, tax ID, Social Security Number (SSN), email address, phone number and ZIP code during the activation process. After activating your CC, you can then go to to make a single payment by logging in with your User ID and user Password. to make a single payment – Steps to pay your Verizon CC bills

If you have registered an online Verizon credit card account, you can get onboard to make a single payment. Go to the page titled “Pay Bill” on your mobile device or PC. Once on this page, input the amount you want to pay by clicking “Other Amount” or select any of the amounts provided. You then choose a preferred method of payment. If a savings or checking account has been registered, then simply select which account you would like the credit card bills to be paid from. Other payment options include; ATM, debit, credit and gift cards. Click “Continue”, check the T&C box and then click on “Send Payment” and your bill is paid successfully. to make a single payment – Pay by app

You can also pay your Verizon credit card bills by using “My Verizon App”. Just open this mobile app, tap on “Menu” and then on the “Bill” drop-down tab. Tap on “Pay Bill” and the amount to pay can be edited when you tap on the amount. It is possible for you to pay your bill for 2 weeks in advance.

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