What is www.walmart.com/credit?

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What is www.walmart.com/credit?


Walmart is a mega retail store that has for decades put a smile on the faces of Americans. Over the years Walmart has witnessed the use of a variety of payment methods by its customers. Today the www.walmart.com credit card payment is trending. You can get info on the www.walmart.com credit card payment in this article.

What Is The www.walmart.com Credit Card Payment?

The www.walmart.com credit card payment system involves the use of an approved  Walmart credit card. This credit card can be used to purchase a variety of items from Walmart stores spread across the US. You can also buy stuff from Walmart online using the card. What’s more, there are several benefits and rewards accruing to users of the card. To be eligible for Walmart credit card you must be 18 years or older, have a valid source of income and meet the required FICO score which can be accessed on www.walmart.com/credit login.

Benefits Of www.walmart.com Credit Card Payment

The www.walmart.com credit card payment system comes with exciting benefits to users. First of all, there are no annual fees to pay and there is a zero dollar fraud liability. Apart from Quick Cash, you can also easily check your FICO score as well as receive cash back rewards which are given out monthly in the form of a statement credit. The moment you make certain purchases using your Walmart credit card, you will be eligible for the cashback reward and this is under the “3.2.1 Save Rewards Program”. Furthermore, the amount of rewards you can earn under this reward program is virtually unlimited. 

Other Details Of The www.walmart.com Credit Card Payment System
New card holders are subject to a $1.00 min. interest charge. Also, their purchase APR ranges from 19.15% to 25.15%. A Quick Cash of as much as $100 (in increments of $20) is up for grabs when Walmart credit card is used at a register in a Walmart store. Check www.walmart.com/credit for more info.

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